(ru) Клавиатура вдруг перестала работать? Жми сюда..

    2012-07-22 10:47 | Autor: Vasile Chelban | Filed under: Vasile

    Sorry, this entry is only available in ru.

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    1. jekader:

      также вариант: пользуйтесь KDE + KDM O:-)

    2. Nick:

      Кеды – зло 🙂

    3. xxaphir:

      Interesting that you should post this; I’ve been noticing this problem also, but only recently.

    4. xxaphir:

      Vasile, here’s a question. How do we do bluetooth file transfers in pure E? When I was running KDE, Dolphin would recognize bluetooth shares. Right now the only file manager I’m running is Emelfm2. Is there an E bluetooth app that I haven’t seen yet?

    5. Vasile Chelban:

      It looks like there is no native EFL app to support bluetooth/obex file transfers.

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