Заметки по использованию Fedora 17

    2012-06-01 14:43 | Autor: Vasile Chelban | Filed under: Vasile

    Заметка первая об установке..

    Стандартная процедура обновления через yum, в случае Fedora 17 усложнилась на порядок (двоичный), и потребовала в два раза больше шагов. Документация по обновлению просто отличная - все описано четко, надежно и однозначно, всем рекомендую - Upgrading Fedora using yum.

    Поторопившись с перезапуском, я получил ядро без initrd. Пришлось переустановить пакет с ядром. В целом удачно.
    Будучи PHP разработчиком заметил странное поведение рабочих проектов. Примерно такое выдавали ранее работающие скрипты:
    dom_import_simplexml(): Invalid Nodetype to import

    Оказалось что для решения проблемы нужно удалить php-pecl-apc. Очевидно он еще не готов работать с PHP 5.4. Помню с eAccelerator и PHP 5.3 были по началу тоже глюки синие. Подсказку нашел тут - PHP 5.4.3 Update brokes my little symfony2 instance

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    1. xxaphir:


      Can we possibly get Cerium theme included in the existing etheme choices on the fedora.md mirrors?

    2. Vasile Chelban:

      Yes, I can do it. Just have to find theme sources.

    3. xxaphir:


      We have put up our procedure for installing your E17 desktop under Fedora 17. It’s a first step to doing a true wiki, but it will get you the results we get here.

      The objective is to produce a „pure” Fedora 17 install, with your Enlightenment, that is without any packages that are extra, not needed, or germane to the operation of the system. (We’ve started calling it F17E.) Originally this effort evolved from a procedure to avoid the bloat yielded by using the Fedora DVD and using the canned install solutions.

      This procedure relies on „most trusted” avenues of install, namely, dependency chains. the premise is that we cannot trust the installer but we can trust the dependency chains. Therefore we developed a procedure from the ground up that calls only the dependency chains required for full system functionality.

      We’ve chosen your E17 packages as the default desktop option for this. E17 is something we see as a way to be free of the terrible bloat in the DE’s out there now; that is, it gives us the cleanest system and the most freedom.

      Please see:


      This is our second attempt to get this on the web so there may be some holes. Please let us know if you find anything that needs correcting.

    4. Vasile Chelban:

      That’s very interesting! Once I did some custom builds of Fedora Core 6.
      Maybe it will be more simple to maintain this script as kickstart file (ks). Using KS it will be possible to build live image, perform unattended install, make script distro- and package version agnostic. Script can be stored and maintained on github/gitorious repository. I’ll prepare script set I use for building for pushing to GitHub too.

      There is 3rd party Fedora compatible repository with proprietary software like Opera – take a look at RussianFedora repo.

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