Nu mai am loc pentru skovorodși!

    2012-01-22 00:30 | Autor: jekader | Filed under: FedoraMD

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    1. xxaphir:

      You’re a funny guy, jekader! I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Also looks like some hardware donations would help.

      If it were my setup, I’d only change one thing; I’d be using OpenSuse 12.1 instead, with a custom server image from Suse Studio:

      A review of OpenSuse Studio was on the Linux Action Show:

    2. jekader:

      @xxaphir the main thing is that I’m satisfied with what this server is capable of. Don’t need much processing power to serve my home LAN. Moreover, I just like old hardware 🙂

      Here’s a video of my previous server, it might be entertaining for you:
      (It’s in russian, but has subtitles)

    3. xxaphir:

      Wow, a short video but it was great! To see a small slice of what life is like in your part of the world, that’s a blessing. I’ll have to return the favor. 🙂

      Man, how cold was it in that part of the house??? I thought the thermometers were for the outside temperature. Good grief!!

      I love the language. That was another added bonus. Is there a Moldovian dialect within the russian language? I mean, if you were in the Ukraine could they tell that you weren’t from there by the way you speak, or vice versa?

    4. xxaphir:

      On second look, I see it now; both inside and outside thermometers.

      One word. WOW.

    5. jekader:

      @xxaphir – I never thought someone would be interested in such details 🙂

      Yes, Russian in Moldova differs in minor details, but in Ukraine, as well as in Russia, people will at the most think you’re from a different city, not from a different country. That’s because both Russia and Ukraine are pretty huge countries and subdialects differ from region to region. That refers to oral speech only and the differences are minor (pronunciation of syllables). There’s only one written form of Russian.

      FYI there’s a „full-featured” dialect of Romanian present here in Moldova. Romanians are the ones who can clearly identify you’re from Moldova by how you speak 😉

      PS – I also need to make an update on the video, the one I showed is two years old. Outside temperature is pretty much the same right now. Minus 20 is as cold as it gets here in winter, usually it’s much warmer.

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