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    2011-12-27 14:18 | Autor: Vasile Chelban | Filed under: Vasile

    Sorry, this entry is only available in ru.

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    1. xxaphir:

      This is pretty cool. I’ll spread this around

    2. jekader:

      Видал ранее этот костыль. А там можно не объединять список контактов с конами сообщений?

    3. xxaphir:

      If you can actually call out, then it’s better than the doze or linux skype released stuff. I’d rather have this anyday over that; this one isn’t a black box.

      They’ve gotten bad press in the past for sharing your computer and net resources without your permission or knowledge. Then, on top of that, Microsoft buys them out?


      So if I absolutely need to make a call on my brand new pristine FMD E17 setup, then I’m going to trash it with a Microsoft owned black box? I don’t think so.

    4. jekader:

      xxaphir – it’s not a different skype client, it’s just a wrapper that controls the default skype binary and arranges it’s windows into a single one.

    5. xxaphir:

      Jekader: that’s discouraging then; cause I was thinking that we had a way around using their client.

    6. Alex:

      some help pls? folosesc skypetab-ng si am problema cu webcamera – sta cu susul in jos. Cind pun asta LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skypetab-ng in terminal skypul merge mai rapid decit atunci cind il deschid prin aplicatie. Dece??? si ce se poate de facut ca sa nu scriu de fiecare data in terminal ca sa-l deschid?

    7. Vasile:

      @Alex, deschide cu editor text (cu drepturi de root) fişierul /usr/bin/skypetab
      Adaugă cale spre v4l1compat după

      Doar că nu înţeleg, de ce în < a href="http://linux.die.net/man/8/ld-linux">manual se indică că căile din variabila LD_PRELOAD se separă prin spaţiu, iar în exemplu din skypetab – prin „:”.

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