(ru) Подготовка к Fedora 16

    2011-11-06 00:18 | Autor: Vasile Chelban | Filed under: FedoraMD

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    1. Vasile:

      Нужно внедрить модуль мониторинга состояния зеркала по версиям и дистрибутивам. Иногда мы все-же „выпадаем”.

    2. Vasile:

      За счет удаления старых версий RPMFusion/RussianFedora/Kriehn получили дополнительно 37Gb. Живем!

    3. Vasile:

      Известные баги Fedora 16. Один из них нас должен затронуть – „Attempting to upgrade a system with /var on a different partition or LV to / will fail”. У нас /var как раз на отдельной файловой системе.

    4. jekader:

      Чувствую, обновление получится нескучное! Желаю, чтоб всё прошло гладко.

    5. Oleg:

      Подготовка к запуску Fedora 16 завершена на 98%. Осталось совсем не много, полтора часа.

      Скачать новый дистрибутив можно будет как по ftp, http, так и по torrent протоколу.

    6. xxaphir:

      I will try to keep sentences short for translation. I love your site. I found it by searching for enlightenment e17.

      Some suggestions:

      1) Is english translation possible?

      2) No link on front page to E17 repository

      3) Need forum for fans of your site

      4) Need bugzilla page for E17 repository maintainer

      I hope this translates ok. Because of you, I can use e17 again. Thank you very much. 🙂

    7. Vasile:

      Thank you for these kind words. I was thinking that I’m the only user of these packages 🙂 It’s great to hear that my effort is appreciated.

      We will prepare start multi language start page for E17 users. It is not easy to find repository right now, especially for non russian/romanian language speakers.

      I don’t think forum is really needed for communication. it will be empty most of the time. I’ll use this blog for communication.

      Please, feel free to comment in this topic about any mistakes, recommendations and bug reports.

    8. xxaphir:


      You are NOT the only user of these packages! People just dont know about this repository. I am spreading the word about your work on freenode in the ##fedora channel (an alternative to the #fedora channel, we have more freedom of speech in ##fedora…such as support for third party repos, for example. hint hint)

      Before now I was not sure who was responsible for this excellent work. I’ve been battling the language barrier, and of course google-translate is far from accurate. I’m glad you speak english because I want to thank you personally for making these packages available early on for f16, I have been testing them with F16 ever since something like RC1. Thank you so much for your efforts!

      I’ve seen Professor Gregory R. Kriehn’s site, but it is your repository that allows us to use E17 on Fedora 16. His packages are very far behind. As far as I know there is nobody else at your level.

      In addition to that, the packages are incredibly stable. If some configuration items were worked out I’d call it production quality stuff.

      If you ever come to my ##fedora channel on freenode I promise you will be an honored guest.

      We have been working on an alternate support site for fedora newbies, it’s Fedorahelp.org. I would be glad to devote one or more pages just to the subject of your repository alone. I’ve already given out the fedora.md site url multiple times and informed everyone about what’s here.

    9. xxaphir:


      I have a question. FMD E17 seems astonishingly production quality, yet I am having some difficulty setting the icon sizes on the desktop and getting them to „remember” their size and orientation. What is the correct procedure for getting this type configuration to save permanently?

      I have been right clicking on the desktop icons and setting them to default or not default but no matter what the combination of settings, it doesnt’ save for the next session.

    10. Vasile:

      Sorry for delayed answer. Right now I can’t even delete files on Desktop. It seems that there are still bugs there. I just finished building yesterday svn snapshot, and already pushed FC16 packages to repository. Try them. In the meantime I’m building packages for FC15.

    11. xxaphir:


      Thanks for the information. Doing an update now; will report on the results later

    12. xxaphir:

      Hey Vasile, still the same situation. Can’t save the icon size and I can now confirm; I cannot delete desktop icons either.

      Some kind of permissions problem, or deeper than that. Look forward to hearing from you.

    13. xxaphir:

      Vasile, something else I have noted; the desktop cd icon will pick up the name of the inserted cd on the first insert, but won’t mount the cd on double-click.

      This is a pretty big issue since as of right now, there is only one way I know of to get the cd-dvd mounted, without a manual mount.

      Using Crossover Pro, I go into „Crossover Pro > Bottle Manager > Control > Wine Configuration > Drives tab” and bump „/misc/cd” with an autodetect.

      So it is possible to get the system to mount the drive, without use of the mount command, at least once or twice using drive autodetect with Crossover Pro. So I would venture to say that fixing the mount feature of the desktop cd-dvd icon is definitely doable although I couldn’t say how tough it would be.

    14. Vasile:

      I’d recomend to check settings at „Settings->Settings Panel->Files->Files Manager->Device” tab
      Another good thing is to check if Start GNOME/KDE services on login is set at „Settings->Settings Panel->Apps->Desktop Environments”

    15. xxaphir:

      Hey Vasile,

      This install has only what’s required for X functionality, with no KDE or Gnome DE’s installed at all. There is minimal GTK and QT, and no QT apps that would pull in Nepomuk. The install is only 733 packages with a base size of 2.3 gigs.

      The install was started as a minimal console install with all package groups deselected in the Fedora installer. From there, key X-related packages were installed that brought in dependency chains related to X function.

      Basically, FMD E17 is the only environment installed. And that’s the way I like it; as an experiment, this system is the perfect control group. The objective was to eliminate bloat and parasitic dependency chains inherent in both KDE and Gnome. I assumed that E17 would have it’s own configuration routines, or a way to edit it’s config files. I have been somewhat at a loss to find some way to edit the files in .e/e directory.

      The system has already displayed incredible performance attributes, and has already shown itself to be free of alot of problems that plague kde and gnome users.

    16. xxaphir:

      In the install described above, after minimal install was selected in the Fedora installer, system was rebooted and then cli yum was used to bring in all dependency chains related to both X and FMD E17 functionality. Display Manager used is Slim. Apps are restricted to non-kde Qt apps, Xfce low-dependency apps, and other apps that are DE agnostic. This avoids parasitic dependency chains such as pulseaudio and several others; making it much more of a freedom oriented installation.

    17. jekader:

      Woah, so many comments, cool! So now there are two E17 users on this planet, congrats Vasile!

    18. xxaphir:

      jekader: not so fast. I just converted another one to FMD E17, so that’s three. 🙂

    19. xxaphir:


      Your instructions solved the problem I was having with the desktop icons, thanks for that. Also, with the latest FMD E17 updates, icon deletion from the desktop is not a problem here. Thanks for that!

      I’m wondering if we can have a main menu entry somewhere on this site specifically for FMD E17 entries. Right now, if you want to find the repo, you have to be aware of „Download > REPO > fmd”, which is extremely nondescriptive. I had to really dig on the net to find this site. Even when you get here, the E17 repo is not readily apparent. Instead of this:


      it would be nicer to have something like this:


      With the ability to post messages specific to FMD E17 of course. Just a suggestion.

    20. Vasile:

      I think I can solve some of issues you have.
      – I will prepare Enlightenment build that uses mounting via util-linux commands.
      – emotion package will have soft dependency on xine, instead of hard one. Backend will be split to subpackages: emotion-xine, and new one – emotion-vlc

    21. xxaphir:

      Hey Vasile, I am really glad you are working on that. I’ve been researching Autofs because systemd uses Autofs code for it’s mounting purposes. Lennart Poettering utilized Autofs code in Systemd. This is being refined as we speak:


      Autofs offers some very intriguing possibilities for automatic indirect mounts, and mounting of removable media, such as usb and cdrom mounts from the desktop (when FMD E17 is the sole environment in place).

      I think that you might find the following section very interesting, titled „UDEV with Autofs”, at the following url:


      Using Autofs /etc/auto.misc and fstab entries, I’ve managed to get the system to mount a cdrom/dvd when Crossover Pro „bumps” the drive, and copy protection plus other things work ok. But double clicking the Cdrom icon on the FMD E17 desktop still evokes no response, even with the autofs entries in place. In other words Crossover Pro can initiate a removable media mount if autofs and fstab entries are there, but that’s all. My autofs configuration is very basic and is merely a first attempt, but those have been the results so far.

      That last url above might be the basic approach we are seeking. I’m very interested in the „UDEV with Autofs” approach and I would be interested to hear your take on it.

    22. xxaphir:

      Update: There are two entries relevant to the cdrom mount; one is in /etc/auto.misc:

      cd -fstype=iso9660,ro,nosuid,nodev :/dev/sr0

      The other I added myself in fstab:

      /dev/sr0 /misc/cd iso9660 noauto,user 1 2

      Nothing started happening until I added the entry in fstab. And, when the system is first booted,if you have a cdrom already inserted, the dvd drive desktop icon does not see the contents. This isn’t an FMD E17 problem, it’s something that has existed in Fedora/KDE since F14 and perhaps before. We’ve noted it happening with Crossover Pro under KDE.

      Now, when the system is booted with a cdrom inserted, if you eject the cdrom and reinsert, the drive gets read correctly thereafter. The above settings allow autofs to automount the cdrom, and it does, even if the drive isn’t read first thing after booting up. Also, cd eject and reinsertion result in proper mounting and the DVD desktop icon can read the contents of the drive, as expected.

      I’m still gathering information and testing, but I thought it important to give you the test information I have so far on this, in the hopes that it might help you in some way with your venture.

      Your fixes may make this obsolete, but I was going to explore the removable media approach at


      more fully, so that this might become something that automatically handles usb flash/hard drives, flash cards, and dvd drives, in some fashion.

      Just wanted to keep you informed of what we’re doing.

    23. xxaphir:

      Vasile, one more thing that might be of interest; this is Lennart on the topic of direct and indirect mounts:


    24. xxaphir:


      Quick update. The theme we are using is Cerium. I wanted to ask you if that theme is included in one of your FMD repository packages? We’ve also noticed something else; there does not seem to be a way to delete menu entries from the main menu. You can go to „Settings > Settings Panel > Apps” and from there, you can create whatever menu options you want with new launcher entries. However I have not been able to discover a way to delete menu entries after they have been created. I assume that the theme is not relevant to this.

      I did find out how to extract and decode the files in the .e/e directory using eet, but haven’t had time to explore that further than just getting readable/editable source files and examining them. I figure you might have a better idea of how to go about deleting menu entries/launchers.

      Overall we are very happy with this new FMD E17 – only type desktop standard. It’s a work in progress as we get accustomed to the configuration interface and add functionality (such as trayer-srg), but things just keep getting better and better.

      Recently we got the tray configuration worked out using your trayer-srg package in the FMD repository, and I found a clipboard app called „clipit” in the main repos. We also worked out getting wicd to display/reside in the tray, so the installation procedures for this have been worked out and documented. We run Opera as the browser, and it makes use of your tray app as well, so this has been a good week so far.

      Now if we could just delete menu entries. 🙂

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