Enlightenment 0.18 for Fedora 20

    2014-01-13 18:23 | Автор: Vasile Chelban | Filed under: FedoraMD

    It has been some time since I done last build of enlightenment packages into FMD repository. That's because Enlightenment is in main (Everything) Fedora repository. Sadly it does not includes E18, recently released. So I waited some weeks, and did it again.
    E18 and EFL-1.8 replace previous versions and don't live together alongside. It works pretty stable for me, and adds some benefits too. I like pulseaudio and systemd support.
    Note: enable XEmbed support in systray gadget settings, if you'd like to see skype there.
    Packages are available for Fedora 19 and 20, two architectures: x86_64 and i386.
    After installing fedoramd-release rpm file, you have to enable fmd-testing repository.
    yum-config-manager --enable fmd-testing

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    1. jekader:

      You did it again! Thanks for the hard work!

      PS: that’s what happens when one refuses to become an official maintaner. Maybe you should reconsider that decision?

    2. Vasile Chelban:

      Even official maintainers have private repositories for testing purposes. So FMD repository does the same.

    3. xxaphir:

      Thanks for keeping us in E, Vasile. Once again we are in your debt!

    4. Vasile Chelban:

      You are welcome!

      Expect Enlightenment 0.18.4 tomorrow with few bugfixes.

    5. Milen Simeonov:

      hello i have problem with Econnman
      it is missing and cant use network plugin

    6. Vasile Chelban:

      It is a good request for next build. Ill try to make it happen in next few days

    7. eLarson:

      A Fedora 20 update today brought in kernel 3.14.2. After that I started seeing segv when trying to start e18. I chose the previous kernel and I can start again.

      Are there any suggestions for what I might do to troubleshoot?

    8. Vasile Chelban:

      econnman package is in fmd repository. Give it a try.

    9. eLarson:

      I am working with the AMD proprietary driver and kernel 3.14.2 after last night’s update.

      Thank you!

    10. Vasile Chelban:

      Try to disable OpenGL for composite efects, and check if it works.

    11. Павлин Краснопёров:

      Hi, I have an issue with RFRemix when I trying to install fedoramd-release-20.rpm:
      —> Проверка зависимостей окончена
      Ошибка: Пакет: fedoramd-release-20-15.fmd20.noarch (/fedoramd-release-20)
      Необходимо: system-release = 20
      Установлено: 2:rfremix-release-20-1.R.noarch (@russianfedora-fixes)
      system-release = 2:20-1.R
      Доступно: fedora-release-20-1.noarch (fedora)
      system-release = 20-1
      Доступно: fedora-release-20-3.noarch (updates)
      Доступно: generic-release-20-0.2.noarch (fedora)
      system-release = 20-0.2
      Доступно: generic-release-20-3.noarch (updates)

      Is there some way to install your repo without uninstalling RFRemix?

    12. Vasile Chelban:

      Yes, try rpm —force -ivh fedoramd-release-20-15.fmd20.noarch

    13. Павлин Краснопёров:

      Thank you, but there is no luck 🙁
      rpm —force -ivh fedoramd-release-20.rpm
      предупреждение: fedoramd-release-20.rpm: Заголовок V4 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 27ffc7b4: NOKEY
      ошибка: Неудовлетворенные зависимости:
      system-release = 20 нужен для fedoramd-release-20-15.fmd20.noarch

    14. Vasile Chelban:

      I’ve forgot another useful parameter: —nodeps

    15. Павлин Краснопёров:

      Thank you, it works now.
      And e18 eat 340 MB of RAM when e17 ate only 220 🙁

    16. Vasile Chelban:

      Oh, that’s a lot. You can disable compositing and hw acceleration at all, to save memory. Do you measure RSS RAM size or virtual RAM size of enlightenment process?

    17. Павлин Краснопёров:

      It’s from free -h, without cache. Turning off acceleration gives 50 MB of free RAM (used RAM now 280 MB when e18 just started). But I think it maked e18 a bit slower.

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