Enlightenment 0.17-gamma is here

    2012-12-13 13:26 | Автор: Vasile Chelban | Filed under: FedoraMD

    Just pushed RPMS of EFL-1.7.3 and Enlightenment-0.17 gamma (latest pre-release) to FMD repository. Get updated.

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    1. xxaphir:

      I just checked fedora.md website a minute ago and it was down; or at least the apache server wasn’t responding. Gave me a scare.

      Fantastic job on the new E17 packages! I’ve installed from scratch twice now. This E17 occasionally has a crash on startup, but I hit f1 to recover and it works ok from there. I haven’t tracked down the cause yet.

      The same thing does not seem to happen on the laptops (yet), just the desktop.

      Thanks again for the hard work, Vasile!

    2. jekader:

      Васька, гони релиз!

    3. Vasile Chelban:

      На ночь поставлю компилироваться.
      Я вчера его еще ждал.

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