Linux Install Fest 2012

    2012-10-23 23:17 | Автор: jekader | Filed under: FedoraMD, Jekader

    Приглашаются все желающие! Библиотека сразу за буюканским кругом. Как обычно название не имеет ничего общего с содержанием! В программе - презентации на разные темы: iptables, apache, zabbix, proxmox VE, etc...

    Желающие установить linux но боящиеся попробовать приносят ноутбуки, поможем установить желанный дистрибутив!

    Картинки (с) wikimedia, карта (c) openstreetmap

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    1. eusilero:

      Se vede după hartă cl la voi sistemul este în rusă,vezi.- Cum se incorporează o hartă Google intr-o pagină web sau pe un site –

    2. xxaphir:


      Are Americans ok to visit at the install fest? 😀


      On the F17+E17 startup problem, it was solved with a reinstall. The difference was that we added EIO and dbus-x11 packages. That got us a viable F17+E17 installation.

      There are differences between the F16 and the F17 E behavior. One that is messing with us pretty badly at the moment is the Iconify behavior. The bind option, which we use with a mouse button, used to be called «Iconify» in the F16 version of E; in the F17 version of E, it seems to be «Iconic Mode Toggle». What’s happening is that some windows will iconify with that bind and other apps will not. For example, qbittorrent will consistently iconify with «Iconic Mode Toggle» but Opera will consistently not. Xchat refuses to iconify as well. At this point I have no idea what’s going on with that, and could use some suggestions if you have any.

      Other than that, everything seems to be working ok, other than the old historical problem of not being able to delete custom icons that have been added to the menu via «Settings».

      Bear in mind that this is a pure E installation with no other WM’s in place, just like the previous installs we’ve described.

    3. jekader:

      google maps говно!

    4. xxaphir:


      I’m now switched to OpenStreetMap permanently. Thanks for that.

      I hate google

    5. jekader:

      xxaphir — glad to hear that 🙂
      I’ve been contributing to OSM for 4 years now, not planning to stop!

    6. xxaphir:

      Phoronix is saying that E17 will be released in the next two weeks:

    7. xxaphir:

      Is Vasile still alive?

    8. Vasile Chelban:

      I am. Sorry, kind of busy now.

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