New EFL/Enlightenment build and FMD repository updates

    2012-05-14 10:26 | Автор: Vasile Chelban | Filed under: FedoraMD

    Last weekend I've got some time to make weekly E17 rebuild. Packages are from SVN revision r70949 (dated 2012-05-11). And they do work much better than previous ones.

    Now there are several changes to packaging process:

    • First of all, I split off mirror descriptions from fedoramd-release package to fedoramd-mirrors-release package. People who need just fresh E17, won't bother seeing regional repositories for Moldova. And vice versa - moldavians who need just fast access to local mirror,  have only to install fedoramd-mirrors-release rpm file.
    • I added new testing repository: fmd-testing. Note: It's not enabled by default, and may contain packages with performance regressions, and some bugs. Testing will be pushed to stable (fmd) repository few days later, after I'll try them by myself, and won't receive any notes from you via this blog.
    • All fedoramd-release and fedoramd-mirrors-release packages are listed in this directory:

    Last E17 build has working xkeyboard module. It's really working, though not the way I like it. I can't assign Right Win key to switch layout, and it does not work like setxkbmap or GNOME does - setxkbmap sees just one (current) layout, so I can't switch using gnome panel indicator, or gkrellm-xkb icon.

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    1. xxaphir:

      Thanks for all the effort Vasile. I’m getting ready to upgrade the machines here so you will probably see alot of activity soon

    2. Baggypants:

      This is great. I’m having trouble with the theme-manager but Thats It. great work. thanks

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