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    2012-03-25 16:43 | Автор: Vasile Chelban | Filed under: FedoraMD, Vasile

    Then I received via twitter link to news on new EFL release cycle, I immediately did an update from svn repository and run the builder. Now results are published in FMD repository. Again - i386 and x86_64 architectures, for Fedora 15 and 16. F17 build is incomplete. It looks like my builder is using stale mirror with broken dependencies. Have to fix it and rerun.

    Excessive package is outdated and has to be removed manually. Or use yum --skip-broken update command to just skip it.

    I'm still waiting for working e_modules-xkbswitch. It looks a lot better now, but still useless for me. Maybe on some configurations it would be working. Please report, if you have time to test it.

    Engage module is really good. Just switched to it from ibar. My wife likes it too, and she is GNOME 3 user. 🙂

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    1. Vasile:

      Update: Fedora 17 packages have been built successfully. It was problem with mock (builder) repolist configuration. I’ve used rawhide repos, not Fedora 17 branched repos.

    2. jekader:

      а что стало с логином? Что за Я какому-то мутному сайту не хочу разрешать доступ на логин :-/

    3. xxaphir:

      I think I’m running on the existing update set. I’m noticing a lot of stuff that’s strange, but this is a beta fglrx driver so it needs to be narrowed down to the actual cause. Basically trayer-sg and the desktop icons don’t land back in the correct spot after a resolution change on the desktop; i.e., we run Neverwinter Nights 2 under Crossover or something similar.

    4. xxaphir:

      Also; it’s nice that rasterman is adding new stuff, but I’d rather he come up with a way to allow us to edit our menus manually. Unless he’s already released something and I missed it…..

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