(ro) Building E17/EFL fresh RPMS

    2012-01-14 23:19 | Автор: Vasile Chelban | Filed under: FedoraMD, Vasile

    Извините, но данная статья доступна только на ro.

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    1. Vasile:

      In order to be able to upload files via rsync to home directory:
      # setsebool -P allow_rsync_anon_write=1 rsync_export_all_ro=1
      # chcon -R -t public_content_rw_t /home/user/rsync_upload_dir

      Can’t remember if it’s different to FC14 setup.

    2. Vasile:

      I have just uploaded Fedora 16 RPMS.

    3. xxaphir:

      Vasile, they are showing up now, I just checked the updates. A new kernel is showing up as well incidentally. Thanks for the hard work my friend!

    4. Vasile:

      Fedora 15 build is ready too.

    5. xxaphir:

      OK, go the new FMD E17 packages installed. It’s looking mighty good.

      New kernel is out too, just released: 3.1.9-1.fc16.

    6. xxaphir:


      What is eeze_scanner?

    7. Vasile:

      It’s described as «eeze_scanner utility daemon». As I saw from source code, this daemon delivers mount/umount events to applications using eeze library. By using eeze, applications does not need to talk directly to either udev, or hal, or other platform specific service. Eeze does it for you.

    8. xxaphir:

      That might be why my cdrom desktop icon stopped being able to read the dvd’s. With autofs previously installed, configured and activated, the os configuration is now outsmarting itself with the new FMD E17 functionality.

      One strange thing that is happening. On the desktop FMD E17 prototype, eeze_scanner is running as root process. However, on the newer laptop installs of FMD E17, eeze_scanner is running as a child process of enlightenment. I haven’t uncovered the reason what the reason is for the difference in behavior yet.

    9. xxaphir:

      Vasile, what are the chances we can ever get an FMD E17 menu editor?

      This desktop environment is presently way too mature and sophisticated to be reliant on the menu editors of other DE’s.

    10. Vasile:

      As far I know, there was Entagle EFL application used to manage menus. But I can not find it in source repositories now. If you know another aplication for the same purpose — let package it.

    11. xxaphir:

      Even if we DID have it, I don’t think it would make a difference. —


    12. xxaphir:

      I disabled the autofs statements related to cd/dvd automounting, but eeze_scanner doesn’t seem to mount the device on it’s own. So my «interference» theory about the mounts being blocked by two processes doing the same thing at the same time isn’t holding up.

      Doing more investigation.

    13. Vasile:

      I think eeze mount interface is just not production ready. I’ll disable it in next build.

    14. Vasile:

      Eeze_scanner does not allow me to eject CD/DVD disk. Once tray is opened, it’s being closed immediately.

    15. xxaphir:

      Vasile, what’s happening here —

      The drive will obey both «eject /dev/sr0» and the DVD eject button, however it then does exactly as you describe; it closes quickly. Using the button causes it to stay open a little longer and I can get a dvd in if I move fast enough. ;D

      I noticed this morning that there is an entirely new set of FMD E17 update packages for download, and also a new kernel is available. I’m updating now and will test with the new releases.

    16. xxaphir:

      Hey Vasile, I have the FMD E17 updates up and running. Looks like the autofs solution (/etc/fstab and auto.misc) has gone back to working again. When I check the DVD icon on the desktop, it gets a read of the DVD.

      I like the eeze_scanner idea, hope you can get it worked out.

    17. Vasile:

      Yes, Last weekend I did packages rebuild with eeze mount disabled. Will try again later to check how it works.

    18. xxaphir:

      Vasile, a picture of your product in production view; one day before I loaded the 1-22-12 updates:


    19. xxaphir:

      Noticed something new. If the laptop lid is closed, when it’s reopened, the enlightenment menus lose their text and become blank entries.

    20. xxaphir:

      Is it possible to rsync the FMD E17 repo?

    21. Vasile:

      Yes, I just created fmd module on rsync.fedora.md host.
      $ rsync fedora.md::fmd/

      BTW: Last weekend I’ve built new set of e17 RPMS.

    22. xxaphir:

      I noticed the Feb 11th and Feb 18th set of rpms. There’s something you should know:

      It looks like the Feb 11th set of rpms might have fixed the cd access problem, and it was working in conjunction with autofs. I had run an update which had updated the machine from Feb 11th to Feb 18th rpms, but I had not rebooted.

      I was installing game sofware, and when I put a CD in for the first time since booting on Feb 11th E17, the machine read it immediately and FMD E17 threw a window up on the desktop with the CD contents. (showing an automount at /misc/cd, which is the default configuration for autofs.) I was blown away.

      But then I needed to reboot. After that, I was on the Feb 18th E17 updates and the system would not perform the same way. I pulled a list of all Feb 11th FMD E17 updates; what was working may be in this set of rpms:

      515193 Feb 11 18:10 evas-1.1.99-1.20120210svn.fmd16.x86_64.rpm
      279669 Feb 11 18:10 ecore-1.1.99-1.20120210svn.fmd16.x86_64.rpm
      384901 Feb 11 18:10 edje-1.1.99-1.20120210svn.fmd16.x86_64.rpm
      58761 Feb 11 18:10 eet-1.5.99-1.20120210svn.fmd16.x86_64.rpm
      86041 Feb 11 18:10 embryo-1.1.99-1.20120206svn.fmd16.x86_64.rpm
      4410621 Feb 11 18:10 enlightenment-0.16.999.67832-5.20120210svn.fmd16.x86_64.rpm
      200109 Feb 11 18:10 libeina-1.1.99-1.20120210svn.fmd16.x86_64.rpm

      You probably know exactly which rpm it was. If you think I can duplicate previous behavior by regressing to one of these (as a test), I’d be glad to do it. I just don’t know which one (or all) it would be.

      Hope this provides useful information.

    23. xxaphir:


      An update. I rebooted again, and now the current crop of FMD E17 rpms is loading cd’s up in the dialogue window, like before. ?????

      I’ve inserted three cd’s so far and the behavior has been consistent. I don’t know why it stopped working the first time.

      I’ll keep reporting as I find more information.

    24. Vasile:

      About components: just eeze and enlightenment packages may be related to issues described above. Downgrade/upgrade them as you need.

    25. xxaphir:

      I’m running an install of Baldur’s Gate 2 under Crossover Pro Beta 11. Using the eject function of CXPro, currently I’m able to successfully eject and then reinsert cd’s on a four CD install.

      The default behavior is that now FMD E17 successfully automounts the cd and throws up a window dialogue of the /misc/cd dir, displaying the contents of the CD.

      CXPro and FMD E17 are working together perfectly right now. This is the best functionality from DVD drive handling that I’ve seen yet under FMD E17.

      Getting ready to test the Doom3 DVD set. This is fantastic.

    26. xxaphir:

      Btw, in case I wasn’t clear, these are the latest updates

    27. xxaphir:

      Is new family going to impact the FMD E17 project?

    28. Vasile:

      The baby is like the most beautiful timekiller game ever made. I hardly find time to sit next to PC and read e-mail, and can make no promises if I can finish any self assigned task. Right now it’s all about best effort. I’ll try to make weekly E17 builds, to try early F17 version and adapt build system to this next version. Though, no guaranties.

    29. xxaphir:

      I was kinda afraid of that. I’ve seen alot of projects that I’ve depended on go away over the years due to the author’s changing priorities. I was hoping that the FMD E17 project was one that would stick. But I understand family priorities.

    30. Vasile:

      Best solution is to make public my scripts used to build RPMS, and also provide documentation on them. These way anyone can build fresh packages himself.
      BTW: I’ve published yesterday build. Try it out.

    31. xxaphir:

      Thanks for the new stuff Vasile. Here’s to priority coexistence. 🙂

    32. Rahul:

      Hello. I’m a fedora 16 64-bit user. I want to add the enlightenment packages to my system. What is the correct way to add the repos and e17? Also, I do not speak the language this website is in. Are the e17 packages in english or localized? Please please get back to me on how to install.

    33. Vasile Chelban:

      Hi. Get started by installing FedoraMD release 16 file. It does provide a bunch of repository descriptions, but you need just one of them: «fmd» repo. It’s enabled by default.
      Then you can just run yum install enlightenment..

      Last development build I recently have been pushed to repository is fairly slow, so I’d recommend previous version: yum install enlightenment-0.16.999.70490

    34. Rahul:

      Hi again. I installed e17 and it’s very nice but I encountered a problem. Sometimes, at random moments, the mouse cursor freezes for two seconds and after two seconds it jumps back to life. Is anyone else having a problem like that? I tried both the builds in the repo and the issue occurs in both. I have Cinnamon and Gnome3 desktops installed on Fedora 16 also and this doesn’t occur in them so I think this issue might be specific to enlightenment, or that it’s specific to the new builds (as Bodhi Linux doesn’t have a problem like that also). I hope, if it’s a problem with enlightenment, that it will be fixed soon. Otherwise, it’s my favourite desktop environment. 🙂

    35. Vasile Chelban:

      I’d recommend to take a look into ~/.xsession-errors log file. It’s big enough, but maybe you’ll trace the roots of your problem.

      Try also to disable composite module.

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