Opera 9.50-20080211

    2008-02-11 16:14 | Автор: Oleg | Filed under: Новости

    This build implements a much requested option for all you users switching from other browsers.

    You can now get that Safari, Firefox, IE or <insert alternative browser of choice here> tab handling in Opera, too.

    To take advantage of that, simply change Preferences > Advanced > Tabs > "When closing a tab"
    to your desired behavior:

    Activate the last active (default)
    Activate the tab to the right
    Active the first tab opened from closing tab

    Now start closing them tabs like there's no tomorrow!

    New known Issues

    • Opera will not fetch more than 50 new IMAP messages in one go - you'll need to reset the account to get more.
    • Inline find stops working after entering one letter. (using Ctrl+F still works as expected).
    • Advanced tab activation currently does not work in the Mac and Linux builds.


    • Added a new preference in Preferences > Advanced > Tabs which controls which tab to activate when closing a tab.
    • Fixed crash when composing mail with empty signature
    • Fixed crtash when emptying history and VPS was disabled
    • css3 :target now works on targets identified using name attribute
    • New spatnav highlighting, similar to the one used in Opera Mini 4 and the Wii browser
    • iframes with contenteditable are now in in the tabbing order (Another gmail 2 fix)
    • 64-bit: Again possible to open (image) attachments in mail
    • Some more improvement to fast forward.
    • Opera Link now works better when using Work offline
    • Again possible to open links from widgets
    • UNIX: Drag and drop now works properly in the ION window manager

    WARNING: These are development snapshots: they contain the latest changes, but they also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, they may not work at all.


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